Looking for a quality contractor for your next project?

LKN Plant hire

LKN Plant Hire is a successful demolition, construction and plant hire company based in Aberdeenshire, providing services to the surrounding areas.

At LKN Plant Hire we pride ourselves on our professional and reliable services we provide to all of our clients from the initial enquiry through to the end of the project.

Why use LKN?

Over 20 years experience

Call-out cover included

Maintenance cover included

Collection & Delivery

24/7 service

What makes for a successful construction project?

Project management – thats it..

Of course there’s much more to it but we know that a successful project starts and finishes with the right approach to planning, specification, scheduling, choosing the right team, managing sub-contractors, liaising with all the project stakeholders and resolving all issues as they arise.. in other words: project management.

What makes the difference?

Our People: it is essential a project has the right personnel for the right tasks. Our personnel have the right combination of experience, training and attitude.

Resources: understanding the required resources for your development and utilising them correctly

Collaboration: with the customer, stakeholders and the whole supply chain. From enquiry to completion to make sure we understand and deliver our clients vision.

Working collaboratively delivers real, shared benefits to customers and to LKN Plant Hire:

– Better understanding of project needs

– Shorter tender and construction times

– Greater efficiency and cost savings

– More widespread application of construction industry best practice, knowledge sharing and continuous innovation.

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.